Don’t just invest. Gather.

One of the world’s first investment democracies

Financial freedom isn’t just for the super-wealthy. We believe that the very best investment opportunities should be available to everyone. We founded Gather to widen access to some of the best funds and expert knowledge – making it simple to start gathering for your future.

Democratising Investing

We’re on a mission to democratise and demystify the world of investing. Unlock the power of a curated selection of investments, a community of Gather Experts and Inspiring Investors and the expertise of one of the worlds largest asset managers, driving “innovation and performance”.

Expert curation

We’re driven by innovation, with a solid foundation. All of our actively managed funds originate from world-leading asset managers at BlackRock®. But the way they’re curated for you is unique to Gather.

We’re driven by innovation, with a solid foundation.

Make it personal

Gatherers are curious types who like to understand where their money is going. Our streamlined collections take the complexity out of developing your own investment style. Investment Playlists are readymade portfolios of comprehensive investment opportunities. Investment Albums are portfolios focused on specific sectors, assets, and styles – giving you the opportunity to back the trends and causes that matter to you.

It’s about time

Investing done well is a long-term approach to growing wealth. Gather was created to help kickstart the investment journey; bringing down barriers to access investing.

We're in this together for the future
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