Don’t just invest. Gather.

Our mission is to empower our community to find their financial freedom.

We believe financial success shouldn’t be limited to the super wealthy, so we’ve created a platform that’s breaking down the barriers and bridging the investment gap. We’re on a mission to open up access to some of the best investment opportunities and expert knowledge – and make it easy to start gathering for your future.

We’re more than just an investment app

We believe that a whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts, combining community, expertise and personalisation to create a collaborative community championing idea sharing and creativity.

Make it personal

Gatherers are curious types who like to understand where their money is going. Our streamlined collections take the complexity out of developing your own investment style. Investment Playlists are readymade portfolios of comprehensive investment opportunities. Investment Albums are portfolios focused on specific sectors, assets, and styles – giving you the opportunity to back the trends and causes that matter to you.

It’s about time

Investing done well is a long-term approach to growing wealth. Gather was created to help kickstart the investment journey; bringing down barriers to access investing.

We're in this together for the future
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