We value the power of community

We believe that financial freedom should be accessible to us all, regardless of age, gender, beliefs and backgrounds. We want to prove that you don’t need a finance degree to get started.

That’s why we’ve built a diverse community of experts and investors to help you learn more about investing and achieve your financial goals.

How to Get the Most Out of Our Community

Our community features financial experts, industry experts, and inspiring investors who are passionate about making investing more accessible and inclusive.


Like someone’s profile? Follow Gather Experts to learn how they invest based on their financial objectives.

By choosing to follow one of our Gather Experts, their insights will appear in the updates shown on your personalised Today screen.

Coming soon... Copy

Like someone’s approach? Our unique ‘copy’ feature will allow you to mirror a Gather Expert’s investment strategy, allocating part or all of your money to match their investment portfolios.

When an Expert updates their allocation, this will be mirrored in your portfolio. So you can sit back and let the Gather Experts decide for you.

From future trends to ethical investing, find someone who aligns with your personal goals, and invest with more confidence.

We’ve teamed up with Soho Works to bring Gather to Soho Works and Soho House members through an insightful series of events and exclusive benefits.

Our partnership will help us on our mission to break down barriers when it comes to investing and open up conversations about managing money.

How we work with BlackRock®

BlackRock is one of the world’s largest asset managers. Some of Gather’s investment opportunities feature a selection of BlackRock funds.