Gold Edition

Released soon…

The Gold Edition Investment Album gives you exposure to the price of physical gold.

Gold is a store of value that has been used as money for centuries. It is uncorrelated with other asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, which can help to reduce risk in your portfolio. It can also be a hedge against inflation, as its price tends to go up when the prices of other goods and services are rising.

Gold ETFs track the price of physical gold by buying gold bars and storing them in a vault. When you invest in a gold ETF, you are effectively buying a share of the gold that is held in the ETF’s vault. This means that your investment will go up and down in value with the price of gold.

Investing in Gold Edition gives you exposure to the spot price of gold without having to physically own gold, as it holds Gold ETFs. This can be a more convenient and cost-effective way to invest in gold.