ID Verification

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Identity Verification

We've enhanced our verification process to provide you with a more user-friendly and secure experience. This is a crucial part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance process.

A best-in-class solution

Sumsub allows us to quickly verify users across the globe. We apply all necessary KYC checks in a seamless flow, designed to combat all fraud types, in all markets.

Enhanced checks

Document Verification uses optical character recognition and automatic checks to process robust verification in minutes.

The Liveness Check uses advanced detection technology. A neural network scans your face, then it analyses specific properties about the image like noise, texture and glare. Liveness can adapt, interacting with changes in the image and implying multiple checks. This makes Liveness a very safe technology, standing up to masks, static images, and other spoofing attempts.