Our investments

Invest your way: choose from a unique range of curated portfolios and investment styles.

Premier Cash

Premier cash is a low-risk way to start investing. Money is invested in a single BlackRock fund with competitive interest rates - aiming to maximise income while preserving capital.

Investment Playlists

Investment Playlists are curated selections of diversified investment opportunities. These dynamic collections come in three categories: Thematic, Geographic and Alternatives.

Global Hits

Aiming to deliver steady returns and growth opportunities through a diversified portfolio made up of assets from around the world.

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Global Classics

Aiming to deliver a return on your investment from a combination of capital growth and income through a diversified portfolio.

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Aiming to maximise returns through an actively managed portfolio that invests into the transformative forces shaping our future.

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This investment playlist aims to achieve steady returns regardless of market conditions.

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Global Hits feat. ESG

Aiming to deliver steady returns and growth opportunities through a diversified global portfolio with a focus on ESG.

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Investment Albums

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Investment Albums are curated collections of funds with a common theme. They allow you to invest into specific sectors, assets and causes that interest you.

Shariah Mix

Align your investment strategy with your values.

Premier Gold

Going for Goldā€¦


Invest into building a healthy portfolio.

Climate Impact

Change the world with your investments.

Real Estate and Infrastructure

Build a property portfolio from your fingertips.