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We know that investing with an ISA means investing with a tax allowance that doesn’t tax performance. But what is a green ISA? Here’s everything we know.

The basics of green ISAs

A green ISA has a lovely ring for planet-passionate investors, combining the tax allowance efficiency of an ISA with investments that do good for the Earth. It is a great idea — but it could take a little research for investors to make the dream happen as not every green investment will perform with the same pace and same upside potential. That’s because there is no official ‘Green ISA’ in the same way there is a Lifetime ISA (LISA) or Cash ISA. In fact, a green ISA is simply a regular Stocks & Shares ISA, whose investments are designed to be green. At the end of the day, if investors want a truly green ISA, then they must do the work themselves to find financial products whose green credentials they can trust. Luckily, that’s exactly what Gather is here to help you with. We’re the financial wizard in your pocket, aiming to help you realise your financial dreams while matching your values and principles.

How to fill an ISA with green investments

For the average investor, finding opportunities for your green ISA and assessing them for their environmental impact would simply take too much time and effort. Therefore, we think the best way to fill your ISA with green investments is by investing in green funds that have been created using the insights and knowledge of global experts. You can access these Green portfolios through investment platforms such as Gather – expertly curated bundles of investments with specialised strict selection. The investments are selected based on their environmental and climate impact. The investment platforms that host the green funds usually set up your ISA for you, making it very easy to ‘wrap’ your investments in the low-tax environment of the ISA.  In the coming months, Gather will launch its own ISA wrapper.

Who to trust when picking green investment opportunities?

Passionate investors want great returns and truly green investments: funds which not only refrain from polluting the planet, but even contain ventures leading the charge to clean it up. Gather understands this. That’s why our Green Investment Album features BlackRock expertise, the world’s largest money manager. Their selection criteria allow us to offer a unique collection of investment opportunities on Climate Impact, Green Energy and Vegan funds that we believe will outperform peers that don’t have BlackRock’s track record and research. Begin investing with Gather today. The information provided by the blog are the opinions of the writer.  As such, it should not be construed as investment advice. Capital at risk.