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Dipika Khaitan is the Co-founder Chief Operating Officer of Gather. Here’s one of three pieces she’s written to mark International Women’s Day 2022.


With so few women actively investing, it is perhaps no surprise to see a lack of them making it to the top of financial service companies.

The division is unjust and does not reflect well on an increasingly diverse yet inclusive society.

According to STEM Women, a gender balancing recruitment company:

  • Only 4% of founders/CEOs of the UK’s fastest-growing start-ups are women
  • Only 31% of the tech sector workforce are women
  • In 2019, female representation on executive boards for major financial firms was just 20%
  • Women held just 12% of Chief Financial Officer roles in 2018

The Guardian newspaper also reported recently that female directors at the UK’s largest financial services companies are paid on average two-thirds less than their male colleagues.

This has to change. Let me be clear: brilliant, inspiring women have founded companies in the tech space and are making an incredible difference. I’m happy to share this article from UK Tech News last year, highlighting just a few.

We want and need to see more. I took the leap myself when I started my journey as a co-founder of Gather. Like any other founder, I look forward to success.

But if I hear of just one female taking their first interest in finance thanks to signing up with Gather, then going on to make a new, successful career in financial services, I shall be made up.

The information provided by the blog are the opinions of the writer. As such, it should not be construed as investment advice.