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Dipika Khaitan is the Co-founder Chief Operating Officer of Gather. Here’s one of three pieces she’s written to mark International Women’s Day 2022.


Relishing a challenge as much as anyone, I happily threw myself into a world that was alien to me when I co-founded Gather. Don’t get me wrong; I have always been involved in business, especially in fashion and development. But investment, apart from properties, was out of my comfort zone.

I firmly believe that my role in shaping Gather has more to offer than building the app and the brand – it will help other women to take control of their financial futures and succeed.

The current gender investment gap in the UK is an astonishing £1.65 trillion. On average, women have less than half the levels of savings and investments as men. Lack of disposable income is a factor, but a lack of financial confidence and knowledge are also contributors. With higher inflation eroding the value of cash savings, this is a gap that is simply going to get wider.

Working with the Gather team, we have built a platform that starts to break down some of the pain factors. At Gather everyone can access a wide and dynamic selection of innovative investing styles and many of our funds, such as Alternatives, are not readily available on other investing apps. Although attractive to experienced investors, these opportunities can also be accessed by new investors. You can invest from £30 /month with no upper limit.

We have built what we call an investment democracy. Everyone is equal – male or female, no matter what background or belief – and everybody in our community has a voice to help shape where we might look for further opportunities. We break down barriers, making it simpler for people to take that first investment step and join the professionals in the game. Should they wish, they can copy the investment choices made by experts on the app.

From a business point of view, I will count sign-ups, deposits, investments and customer satisfaction as clear key performance indicators. But personally, I also want to see more women investing; it will help them, so that’s clearly a reason, but it will also validate my belief that we can smash a glass ceiling.

The information provided by the blog are the opinions of the writer. As such, it should not be construed as investment advice.

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